My name is Timothy Allen Campbell but people call me GoTimothy. Here is my home page: I live in Warren, MI and work as a servant of God Messiah at The Kingdom of God.


Anyone Can See God, The Gospel of Timothy, I Saw God and He Had Flesh by Timothy Allen Campbell Become Rich & Burn in Hell Must read, End of the World, April 20, 2014.

Revised Gospel of Timothy, Timothean Religion

Jobs are slavery. Sending children to church or school is child abuse. Being sent to jail, if your child does not want to go to school, is a tyrant’s dictatorship. If you buy or sell anything, you have stolen from God and have received the mark of the beast 666, because everything belongs to God. God is the provider, food grows on trees. Jesus is not the Messiah, he is God incarnate. God is not invisible, but he cannot be seen by sinners. If you demoted God (Jesus ) down to a Messiah, you will never see him or know him. If you claim he died on a cross, you have committed blasphemy. If I’m not the Messiah, then who is? Not Jesus, Moses, Mohammed or any of the Popes or 12 apostles.

Not only are jobs slavery and a crime against humanity, they are the cause of all suffering, death and crimes. Young women who don’t have jobs are forced to murder their own babies by way of abortion. The policeman is only serving the rich to oppress the poor. Jobs might be the reason for our mortality. The penalty for sin is death and the sin we are committing is we have a job serving the devil.


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All will see God with their own eyes, if not by their faith, then by mine. God becomes visible to save men. Anti-Christ is a spirit that deceives the world. God appears physically. Don't be fooled by Satan's Church, Luke 24:34-48. I was letting Christians, Muslims, Jews and Atheists debate me. However, these religions conflict with my love of God. I saw God and started my own religion called Timothean. God has revealed to me these religions will be destroyed because they believe gun ownership is the way of the Lord.

If you like my beliefs, you don’t have to put that you are a member of the Timothean religion in your profile. However, those who do not put in their social website profile, (ie, myspace youtube, facebook, twitter) that they “have a love of God and follow no established religions”, will not be allowed to subscribe to my channel or be on my friends list. If you do put that you are a member of the “Timothean Religion” In your Social website Profile, I will give you link access to hidden videos.

Two Dogmas to be a Timothean.
1. Must be against guns.
2. Must love God & dislike established Religions.

You cannot be a Christian and a Timothean at the same time. The label Christian has been associated with war, terrorism and death, just like the label "Al Qaeda". I've yet to find two Christians alike, it's better to create a new religion than argue with them.

What's covered in the Book?

Don't the Bible say not to add to it? Revelation 22:19

The Bible is a library of Books. Revelation is one Book. It says not to add or take away from the book of Revelation, 2Tim 3:16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness. There is nothing wrong with adding to the Library.

Other books by Timothy

This book is not meant for the heathen, faithless or unbelievers. Guard the Gospel, Message of 2 Timothy. This book will prepare earth for God's return. By clicking this Email, you agree to believe that Timothy Allen Campbell saw God in Person, and you agree to believe whatever God has revealed to him. The Book predicts future catastrophic events, that will destroy the heathen. If the heathen, know about them, they will take shelter. If you believe Moses saw God, then you believe everything Moses has said. If not the Bible is just another book. The Lord God, will raise up a prophet, like unto Moses. All who will not hear that Prophet will be destroyed. Please fill in your real name and address. I will mail you a order form. The book is $10 plus $3 shipping and handling. Email order a book. Or use this Form order. Do not use this address for comments, they will be deleted. Sorry the book is not free anymore.

Thank you, Timothy.

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